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Cloud based email marketing software, content management system, eCommerce software and marketing automation software. We also provide tools for events marketing, social media monitoring and PR distribution.  
Produces Traditional Hand Made Crafts From Nature ,Through Recycling Palm Leaves & fronds in Saudi Arabia
Moving with trends Al Mohanad commits to offer the most modern, comfortable and cost Effective interior solutions to our clients. Hotel Interior, Residential Interior, Mall Interior, Office Interior, Retail Interior, Turnkey Interior...
S-Plas is a range of products manufactured from Recycled Mixed Plastic Waste (MWP) for use in a wide variety of industries. Working on the experienced gained in the production of our GRP products, we have developed the product to offer as an...


This program is designed to identify and encourage “potential” UAE entrepreneurs during their formative years, and give them a head start in their entrepreneurial careers through a range of turnkey
The key objective of this program is to ensure a culture of “customer centricity” within the organization at every level, i.e. be it internal customers or external customers.
Outsourced accounting can be your optimal solution for resolving problems such as staff turnover, vacancies, lack of accounting expertise, and inefficiencies in operations.